Dear Our Guests!

For our guests who arrive by car 🚘, we recommend the following parking options.


0-24 Etele P1 P+R (park and ride)

– 3 metro stops (16 minutes)

– 3km from the Bercsenyi apartment

– 350 HUF/ day (6:00 – 22:00) – during the day
– 105 HUF/hour (22:00-6:00) – at night

– address: Etele P1 P+R Parkoló, Budapest, 1115


For an extra fee we provide a covered parking place 🅿️ , which is open 24 hours a day. 😊

🅿️ The parking place is located in the underground garage of Allee shopping center 🏬, which is situated at 500m distance from the Bercsenyi Apartment (about 8 min. by walk).

A parking card 💳 is provided for the use of the parking place, with the deposit of 10 000 HUF. 

The parking card must be returned to the Bercsenyi Apartment’s lock box untill 12 noon (12pm), on the day of departure.
Please note that,  if you do not return the parking card to the lock box untill 12 noon (12pm), or if the card is damaged, will result in the loss of the 10 000 HUF deposit! ☹️

Use of the parking place:
– parking is available from 14:00 a clock on the day of arrival
leaving the parking place untill 12 noon (12pm) on the day of departure!

To enter the car park, it is possible by reading the parking card with the card reader at the access terminal. 

You can enter the underground car park on level P3 or P2 by automatically opening the barrier.

The parking card entitles you to enter and store only one vehicle at a time

You can park your vehicle in the space indicated as free by the green occupancy indicator.  

The vehicle must be parked in such a way that it occupies only the parking space delimited by the painted pavement markings. 

After the vehicle has been parked, it shall be secured in accordance with the regulations, the handbrake shall be applied and the vehicle locked or otherwise secured to protect its property. 

In the car park, the rules of the Highway Code apply.

You can exit the car park by reading your parking card with the card reader at the exit terminal.

By entering the car park, You acknowledge that You are subject to the car park regulations and accept the Allee Shopping and Entertainment Centre Parking Regulations, which can be found at the link below: